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Automated data synchronization

Automated data synchronization

REVLOCK can integrate with your sales, commissions or invoicing systems to pull in the sales, commissions or billing transactions. It comes out of the box with integration for several types of systems out of the box. Note that you don't have to sync data in. You can also directly enter in transaction data through the user interface if appropriate.

All you have to do is navigate over to the "Sync" option and click the "connect button".

Read about specific integration requirements in the integrations section

Connect to a Data Source

When you do this you can select a particular system you want to connect to from the options presented. All you will need are your system credentials.

Connect Dialog

The following video illustrates the process of connecting to a Salesforce CRM system. Once connected REVLOCK will be able to pull your closed sales opportunities automatically and create their associated revenue plans if the SSP library has already been configured.

Updated on: 05/08/2021

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