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How to Customize a Report

How to Customize a Report

Customize reports by adding or removing attributes or metrics. You can also create and manage report subfolders.

Opening a report

Click Reports on the main menu.

Click a category tab and then select a report.

In the example below, we click the Revenue tab and select the Unearned Revenue Rollforward report.

Removing table columns

You can remove attributes and metrics from a report table.

Click the metric column heading.

Drag the metric to the Report Objects pane.

Click Save.

Adding table columns

Click an attribute or metric in the Report Objects pane.

Drag the object to the table.

Release the mouse when a yellow bar displays.

Click a square button to open a folder and verify the information.

Adding multiple metrics

When you add multiple metrics to a table, RevLock automatically creates subfolders. You can change the folder order by dragging column headings.

In the example below, the table has one attribute called Customer.

Drag an object to the table.

In this example, we add Product Type.

RevLock automatically creates subfolders inside the top level folder (Beginning Deferred Revenue).

To change the folder order, drag a column heading to a new position.

In this example, we place Product Type in front of Customer.

RevLock changes the folder hierarchy. In the example below, Customer is a subfolder of Product Type.

Updated on: 29/09/2021

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