Import Transactions in Bulk

Sometimes you just need to import your transaction data from a report or a spreadsheet. REVLOCK allows you to do this leveraging our "Import" feature.

Import Transactions

Importing Transactions
In order to access this you click on Sync -> Import as shown here.

We support importing your transactions in as Microsoft Excel workbooks. Each sheet is a particular type of data (the sheet and column names have to match exactly).

OrderDetails - This represents the sales order details. All the data is presented at a line item level
BillingSchedule - The amounts that are invoiced against the orders, also tracked at a line item level.
ProfessionalServicesDelivery - Delivery of "work" against professional services type activity, expressed in units of work (typically hours).
Reference information about the customer and products.

*Note that if the reference information (products/customers) are already known by REVLOCK (since you entered them earlier, sync'ed them into the system or entered them when you setup the SSP or elsewhere from the user interface) you do NOT need to provide them again.

An example transaction file with contract details is available here.
An example file with commissions for each contract is available here.

Transaction Files Field Descriptions

The following tables describe the fields and field names you can use to import

Transaction Files and Field Descriptions

REVLOCK also supports loading invoice information at the sales order item level if your invoicing method / solution supports it. If so you can use the following format instead:

Alternative Invoice Data Format

Reference Information Files Field Descriptions

If you need to update reference information you can do using the following two worksheets:

Reference Table Field Information

Note that all identifiers in REVLOCK can include any number of letters, digits ([0-9]), hyphens ("-"), underscores ("_"), colons (":"), and periods ("."). Other special characters such as /, \,? & are not currently supported.
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