Creating new Products

To create a new product, you need to go to "Settings -> Products"

Click "New Product" button on the top right to create a product.

Create new product

Fill the required fields on this form and press "Save" button to save.

Description of each section
There are mainly three section in the product.
List Price

This where you would provide general information for the product such as; Product name, Product code, Product Type etc.

List Price
You can define list price of the product here. If a product is "Recurring" product, you can define the List price proration rule here as well as shown below:

List Price Proration Rule

This section is important and deals with the life cycle of a product. Here you can define when a product will be activated (Delivery Date).

Delivery Date Rule

If the product is "Recurring" you can define "Term" to calculate "Delivery end date" for this product as shown below:

Delivery End Date (Term)
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