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Our User Interface

Welcome to REVLOCK!

The simple way to automate revenue recognition under ASC 606.

REVLOCK is a modern single page web application, similar to Gmail and other products you might already be familiar with. There is a menu on the left that lets you access various features and a tool bar on the top.

Our user interface


The Menu is the main way to get around in the application.

the menu

You can jump through to customers, sales orders or hit the main dashboard to see a quick overview of the revenue in your business. Sync allows you to bring in data in bulk through the multiple integrations REVLOCK has with CRM, Accounting and Billing systems.


our toolbar
The top bar allows you to quickly see a few important items, such as the current accounting period, what environment you are in. A quick link to help and then a way to access your account information.

Happy navigating!

Updated on: 14/10/2020

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