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Project Creation

Setup a Project:

From the Navigation Bar select Projects.
Select + to add a new project.
Populate the information related to the new project.

Note that a WBS must be completed and selected from the drop down menu.

Once the project is created, it will be included in the list of your projects. From this screen you can see the baseline plan and the current plan. In the project below we can see that they are none.

Select the plan that you want to work on by clicking on the arrow at the bottom right of the desired plan.

From this screen you can populate or create your baseline plan. First select the Edit icon and then the + button. You will see a drop-down menu with the defined Activities.

Select the Activity you want to work on and begin populating the labor category, resource name, associated rate and number of hours.
Note that the activity that you are working on is displayed above the project table.

In our example, we are working on Phase I. First start by adding the labor category associated with activity in Phase I. We have added Project Management, Junior Analyst and Technical Writer.
Next assign this activity to the appropriate person and add the budgeted hours in the appropriate period.

Select save and the rates associated with the person and labor code will be populated.

If there are sub-activities associated with this activity simply select task and Adding Sub-Activity.

Select the sub-activity and populate the appropriate labor category, resource and hours.

Continue to build out the budget by adding Activities and Sub-Activities. If you want to change, simply select the Edit then +.

The chart below will show the cumulative budget by Activity, Sub-Activity, Labor Category and People. In our example, we have 50 hours for Phase I.

Click on the $ Icon to see the project by dollars. In this example, Phase I dollars are $10,200.

Play around with the reporting. You can see the projects by Activities, Sub-Activities, Labor Categories, Dollars, etc. All the information you need with the click of a button.

The functionality of below highlighted icons are:

1- Triangle to see the variance between Baseline and Plan.

Baseline: William is allocated 20 hours and Zain is allocated 10 hours.

Plan: William is allocated 30 hours and Zain is allocated 5 hours.

Variance of Baseline and Plan:

(-ve) Variance means under allocated.
(+ve) Variance means over allocated.

2- Publish This action will publish the active baseline and plan for reporting.
3- Diagonal Arrow to Show Weighted by Sales Stage.
4- People Icon Click this icon to view Time & Material entries. (Click Here) to learn more about T&M.

We hope that this gets you started, and we are excited for you see the benefits that RevLock provides.

Updated on: 01/04/2021

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