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Revenue Arrangements

Understand your revenue plans and their accounting

Once a sales order is recorded into REVLOCK it will automatically user the SSP library to create an associated revenue plan.

Orders that have revenue plans are shows as "**Active**" in the search results on sales

Active Plans

Clicking through to a sales order you can get to the revenue arrangement.

Revenue Arrangement

Once in the revenue arrangement you can look at the revenue accounting by expanding and getting into the revenue elements as shown below.

Arrangement Details

If you want to see the accounting calculations, hover over the element and you will see something like this.

Accounting Details

You can also see the overall plan by clicking into the plan, either see it graphically over time, or you can flip the "Graph" switch on the top right to see it as numbers or break it out by product by product.

Revenue Waterfall

You have all your 606 accounting and the revenue numbers in detail at your fingertips 😁

Updated on: 14/10/2020

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