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REVREC <> Chargebee Connection

Connect REVLOCK to Chargebee

You can connect directly to REVLOCK from inside or Chargebee or vice versa i.e, connect to Chargebee from within REVLOCK.

This short video demonstrates how you can setup this connection.

Connection Parameters

Chargebee Site

Each Chargebee site has a corresponding site that you will configure into REVLOCK so it can pull data that is needed for processing. https://{site}


Read only API key, that REVLOCK will use to connect to Chargebee site.

Product Catalog

Product catalog version that your environment is configured to use. Possible values are 1.0 or 2.0

Payment Required

[True] if at least one paid invoice is required for Revenue Recognition to start. [False] otherwise.

Dereference Service Start Date

API key of the custom field that will be used as service start date.

Dereference Service End Date

API key of the custom field that will be used as service end date.

Invoice Period Equals Contract Term

[True] If each invoice's billing period equals the contract term. [False] otherwise.

Custom Fields

Custom fields to be copied from Chargebee. The value of this property should be a valid JSON with following format.

      "name":"Product Type",
      "name":"Event Date",

REVLOCK supports downloading custom fields for following objects.


Product Catalog 1.0

Product Catalog 2.0
Plan Item
Addon Item
Charge Item

This configuration parameter should only be set at the time of onboarding. If you need to make any additions or updates please work with you contract at REVLOCK to update the configuration.

Force Drop PII

[True] Forces REVLOCK to drop all information that can be used to identify a customer which includes customer name, email & company. REVLOCK by design does not synchronize customer's phone or addresses when downloading data from Chargebee. When this property is set REVLOCK will replace the customer name using the customer ID from Chargebee as "Customer {ID}" where {ID} is the customer ID in Chargebee.
[False] Otherwise.

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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