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REVREC + Quickbooks Online

Sync with Quickbooks Online

REVLOCK seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks Online (QBO), all you have to do is go through our sync interface and configure the connection flows.

There are three main flows that can be configured with QBO,

Accounting: Connects to your accounting system to pull your ledger account configuration
Invoices: This pulls your billing records
Journal Posting: Post monthly journal entries to your ledger


This flow pulls your journal accounts information into REVLOCK and allows you to then configure your journal process and accounting mapping.


If you are using QBO to send invoices to customers REVLOCK can be used to pull invoice data from QBO also.

All invoices are tracked at a customer level when pulled from QBO so it is important that the customer as specified in QBO matches with the customer inside REVLOCK. If sales orders are being pulled in from the CRM system this would be the customer as specified in the sales system.

Journal Posting

Finally, you can configure the journal posting flow to post your configured journal entries to automatically post to QBO when you close your accounting period.

Before posting you must configure your journal account mapping

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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