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Sign-up & Inviting Other Users

Signing-up / Inviting New User:

The very first step is to sign-up to the rev-lock application to log in to the system. In order to create a new account in RevLock, open up a link for RevLock application ( You will be directed to the main sign-in page, if you already have the account then you can sign-in with your credentials; if you do not have the account then you have to sign-up from this main page. Please see step by step guidance on how to sign-up in RevLock application and inviting other users to join the application.


Click on Sign-Up button on top right corner of the application.


After Clicking on Sign-Up, you will be re-directed to credential details page. Please provide all relevant information to sign-up and click on Register.


Once your account is setup, you can log-in to the system with your credentials. The signed-up user will have access to both test and production environments. The main user can invite other users in RevLock application in order to use the application. You will be allowed to add total 4 more users based on subscription module. Please log-in to the application using your credentials from main sign-in page and invite other users to join the application.

STEP 3 (a):

When you log-in to the application, you will be directed to the main dashboard page where you can see user name with drop down menu. Click on your name and it will show both the environments on right hand side of the page.

STEP 3 (b):

Click on vertical dots menu and it will show the option for Settings. Click on Settings and it will direct you to the page where you can invite more people to join the application from your organization.

STEP 3 (c):

Once you click on invite, it will open up a window that will enable you to provide the details of people you would like to add in the application. Please fill in the required details and click on invite button.

STEP 3 (d):

Once you invite the user; the user will receive email with credentials and they can directly log-in to the RevLock application using credential details from main sign-in page. Please note the user has to create the password when log-in in to the system for the first time. You are now all good to use RevLock application. Please refer to Quick Start Guide after you completed these steps (Quick Start Guide).

Updated on: 24/08/2021

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