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Tools you need and Service Limits

Tools you need to use REVLOCK

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) application all you need to do use RevLock is an internet connection and a desktop based browser.

We currently support current versions of Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Other Recommendations

We do recommend that you have access to Microsoft Excel (a version > 2008). This will allow you to fully leverage our bulk load features and download nicely formatted reports from our reporting engine.

We also recommend that you update to the latest versions of your browser to ensure all features are working as expected with the software as these are the best tested versions with RevLock.

Service Limits

The system has various service limits to protect you from unexpected outages and protection from malicious actions and to protect the availability of the overall service endpoints.

These include the following

Bulk Upload

Bulk upload only allows for processing files that are limited to 20,000 records per file
No more than 5 files can be loaded in one job

Automated Sync

Scheduled syncs can be sync'd at a max frequency of every 6 hrs


Any report on the web interface is limited to 100,000 rows
Reporting exports are limited to the same row count as the Web UI
Custom reports are limited to 100 reports per tenant

Test tenants

Test tenants are limited to 200,000 transactions (sales orders)

Updated on: 11/10/2021

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